Warm-air wood stove FALCO ECO 80 kW

€5 647,07 ( €4 667,00 )


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  • Glass fronted
  • Full

This warm-air stove with an exchanger and a fan is intended for heating up and heating residential rooms, recreational facilities or working spaces, where higher comfort of warmth supported by the flame perception is required

The stove is further meant to heat up and heat storerooms, workshops, building sites and industrial premises.

Apart from the warmth that glows from the stove surface and self-flowing warm-air through the side outlets which are located on the stove coat, the warmth is also transferred to the flowing air directly from the warmth exchanger surface. The air-flow rate is secured by an axial ventilator, thus the warm- and cold air are quickly blended in the heated space. The exhaust gases are right after passing through the warmth exchanger led away through the chimney.

An accessory of the stove is a unit which serves as a fan revolution regulator - may be bought additionally. The unit may be set on manual or automatic mode.

  • High efficacy
  • Built-in warmth exchanger with a fan
  • Bicameral burning system
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel gasification pipes in the combustion space
  • Long burning time
  • Easy primary air supply operating
  • Fireclay furnace (long lifespan)
  • Low wood consumption
  • Possibility of stoking wood logs of length 110 cm
  • LDS – Automatic fan revolution regulation (possible to buy additionally)
  • LDT – Automatic transformer revolution regulation (possible to buy additionally)
Nominal performance: 80 kW
Performance: 40 až 80 kW
Heated space: 1000 až 2200 m3
Fuel consumption: 19 kg/h
Efficiency: 85.6 %
Flue diameter: 200 mm
Chimney draught: 12 Pa
Warmed air flow rate: 4725 až m3/h
Stable outlet temperature: 50 až 110 °C
Emissions by 13 % O2: 0.07 %
Ventilator power input: 165 až W
Stove height: 1427 mm
Stove width: 778 mm
Stove depth: 1460 mm
Stove weight: 400 kg
Max. logs length: 1100 mm


Bowling Bar Restaurant



Dobrý den, podělím se také o referenci. Kamna využíváme již více než dva roky, máme velké prostory (8 bowlingových drah), ale kamna během několika hodin prostor ohřejí. Sice poslední dvě zimy (a zatím i ta letošní) jsou relativně mírnější, ale i tak jsme díky kamnům a vytápění dřevem výrazně ušetřili na nákladech za energie. Komunikace s firmou LS- KAMNA je perfektní - ochota, vstřícnost - vše jak má být. S pozdravem T. Bilka BBR Jablonec


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