Warm-air wood stove Falco 9 kW

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A pedestal may be bought additionally.


  • Glass fronted
  • Full

This type of stove is intended for residential rooms - cottages, cabins, family houses, restaurants, clubhouses etc. Agriculture: workshops heating; Industry: heating of halls, transhipment points, storehouses and their protection from frost; Automotive sector: heating of workshops, car bodywork rooms and the like; Construction: heating of buildings and their protection from frost.

  • High efficacy
  • Bicameral burning system
  • Stainless steel and titan gasification pipes in the combustion space
  • Long burning time
  • Easy primary air supply operating
  • Fireclay furnace (long lifespan)
  • Low wood consumption
  • Possibility of stoking wood logs of length 38 cm
Nominal performance: 9 kW
Performance: 2 až 9 kW
Heated space: 50 až 150 m3
Fuel consumption: 2.9 kg/h
Flue diameter: 130 mm
Chimney draught: 12 Pa
Stove height: 580 mm
Stove width: 538 mm
Stove depth: 600 mm
Stove weight: 68 kg
Max. logs length: 380 mm


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