Vari Gril Economic with an oven and a smoker

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Professional controllable garden grill for wood and charcoal in a set with smoker, hob and baking oven, equipped with wheels and handles for better manipulation.

The purpose of this device is combining advantages of both the home cuisine and outside meal preparation. Combinable system allows the device assembly, which enables grilling the main course right after kindling, and at the same time baking a dessert in an oven and performing cold or hot smoking in the smoker (dependently on the smoker temperature). Due to confluence of all the functions, it is possible to make dishes of many flavours shortly and for more people. Usage of this device is easy and safe.


  • The Locomotive grill is meant for the outside usage as a fully mobile garden dining system


  • praxis has shown, that the customers’ demands are different, as well as the ways of meal preparations – thus the possibility of simple control over the whole process of dish making is our answer to more frequent calling of garden gourmands for quality and universally constructed device


The spot over the fireplace can be set with:

  • a stainless steel double-cloak oven
  • a grate for direct contact with flame

The grill space can be set with:

  • a grilling stone plate
  • a cast iron plate
  • wire grates


  • universality of components assembly (possible to buy additionally)
  • possibility of fluent grill and smoker performance regulation thanks to the regulation damper
  • a stainless steel oven for baking dishes
  • usage universality – possibility of baking, grilling and smoking at the same time!
  • demanded temperature maintenance
  • comfortable service – possibility to pipe smoke away from the grill and smoker space (avoiding excessive smoking when using the grill and smoker)
  • fireclay fireplace (long lifespan)
  • fluent burning regulation
  • tertiary combustion air (less pollutants in grilled meals)
  • secondary (bicameral) burning – fuel saving
  • professional workshop processing
  • strong material (2-4 mm) used
  • easy cleaning
  • changeable grates and the stone plate
  • shelf for laying aside (possible to buy additionally)
  • a roomy grill
  • fat draining out of the grill into a vessel
  • thermometer – meals temperature control (possible to buy additionally)
  • direct and indirect grilling method
  • cold and hot smoking method


  • material is used according to demands of lifespan and quality, metal sheet thickness is 4-2 mm
  • combustion chamber is lined with fireclay of 25 mm thickness; primary air is brought through the stove door, the secondary air is fetched over the flame and preheated there in the peripheral ring
  • a stable glow can be created in the fully-fledged fireplace, with a possibility of fire regulation due to the outer regulation damper (of primary burning air supply)
  • there is a draw-off chamber under the grill space, which serves for grill space temperature reduction (using the reg. damper) – the grill space is fully accessible when the lid is open; draining fat is led away to a gathering vessel; smoke is piped away to the chimney or to the smoker
  • the smoker is attached to the grill body, direct smoke supply for smoking is placed in the lowest part, thus the smoke is evenly dispersed in the smoker space
  • for regulation and fast piping away of smoke, the smoker has a separated draw-off chamber, which is directly connected to the grill space
  • the grill, the oven and the smoker are provided by a thermometer with a span of 40-260°C
  • the grill has wheels for manipulation
  • a shelf may be used for putting dishes off
  • superficially adjusted with heat-resistant colour


  • by setting the damper into position of full grill chamber closing, the direct glow draught through the lower space direct into the smoker or chimney is reached
  • by setting the damper into position of full opening, the lower space is closed and all the glow is used for grilling
  • by moving between these two positions, the temperature in the grill space and smoker is controlled
  • praxis has shown incomparable advantages of the regulation and thus chamber temperature control compared to competing grills


  • the basic grill with fireclay fireplace
  • a stainless steel oven with a stainless steel grate
  • a smoker
  • a bigger shelf perpendicular to the smoker
  • a draining fat platter for the smoker
  • a thermometer
  • a glove
  • a control handle
  • a chimney pipe


  • a thermometer
  • a small grate for grill
  • a bigger grate for grill
  • a grate for the smoker
  • a grilling stone plate
  • a fat bucket


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