Pyro Tube 8 kW

€3 144,79 ( €2 599,00 )


In 42 days

Pyro Tube is a gasification double-cloak warm-air stove with two burning chambers, partially made of pipe bows that are directly in touch with hot gasses. The hot gasses flow between the cloaks with pipes upwards from the bottom, thus large warmth exchanging surface is secured. Warmed air then flows through the pipe bows, thus very effective warmth exchange into the space is reached. Thanks to this unique technical solution, the stove reaches very high effectivity, low fuel consumption and minimal pollutants in exhausts. The stove may be used for heating of: cabins, cottages, workshops, but also family houses, flats, restaurants or clubhouses.

Principal of burning: When heating the stoves up, the wood-gas arises in the upper chamber. When the chimney damper is closed, the wood-gas starts streaming from the upper chamber to the lower one through the nozzle where it is oxygenated by the preheated secondary air and combusted by a high temperature over 1000°C.

An extraordinary quality is no need of the combustion products fan for burning process. For actual combustion suffices just a good chimney draught (about 12 Pa).

High efficacy: The high efficacy of the stove is secured with the high-quality combustion, as well as with the exchanging of the heat of flowing gasses from the lower chamber to the site warm-exchanging stove spaces, which are in addition equipped with double-cloak with pipes for better warmth convection. Thus the very effective transfer of the heat to the stove surrounding is reached. Thanks to the base construction following the stove pipe exchanger, the stove can be equipped with a ventilator for forced warm-air blowing from the pipes.

Pyrolysis: The essence of gasification is in the heat decomposition of organic and inorganic matters in a closed stove chamber, with a support of the primary air brought. At first the volatile fuel components get dried. In next phase, the released gasses are mixed with the preheated secondary air in the nozzle space, and together create a burning gas mixture – it is burned and drained away through the warm-air exchanger into the chimney.

Czech quality and first-class workshop processing: Using the quality fireproof materials is a matter of course; on top of that, the stove parts that face extreme conditions and very high temperatures are made of stainless steel materials which are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.


  • Pyrolytic (bicameral) combustion (two flames) system
  • Efficacy over 85 % during all the burning time
  • Air-wash system – self-glass-cleaning
  • Stainless steel heat-resistant grate and nozzle
  • Made of heat-resistant 5 mm thick material
  • Large loading space (long burning time)
  • Simple combustion air management
  • Possibility of extern burning air supply
  • 40 % lower fuel consumption with the same heat performance compared to stove with classical combustion
  • Burning performed without any support of fan, just with the chimney draught (about 12 Pa)
  • 40 % less ashes, compared to stoves with classical burning
  • Attractive looks of the stoves
Total nominal heating performance: 8 kW
Performance: 3 až 8 kW
Heated space: 110 až 350 m3
Efficiency: 83 %
Flue diameter: 150 mm
Chimney draught: 12 Pa
Stove height: 865 mm
Stove width: 680 mm
Stove depth: 600 mm
Stove weight: 165 kg





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