Pyro Galaxy Aqua 16 kW - Exclusive (with complete stone cladding)

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The stone cladding may be chosen from the menu of Warm-air stoves Pyro Galaxy. Please, note your choice in the order comment. Thank you.


  • Ne
  • Labrador Blue Pearl
  • Sesame black
  • Sunset Gold
  • Black TD
  • Olive Green
  • Orion Blue
  • Rosa Beta
  • Baltic Brown
  • Balmoral Red
  • Maple Red
  • Shivakashi
  • Multicolor Red
  • Labrador Emerald
  • Vahlovice

Pyrolytical stoves

Pyro Galaxy Aqua 16 kW

“Your step to perfection”

High quality product, connecting the unique combustion technology with possibility of water warming for your house heating.

Enjoy the new dimension of fire and be charmed by the amazing look at the flames play in two combustion chambers of the stove Pyro Galaxy Aqua.

Pyro Galaxy Aqua is equipped with the unique wood gasification technology, reaching high effectivity of 93 %, even without control devices or exhaust ventilator.

Additionally the stove meet the strictest emission values, thus they are environment friendly and may be used in the future without any problems.

A ground-breaking technology of isolated water exchanger.

Thanks to the patently protected system of placing the exchanger between exhaust ways where it is completely separated from the inner combustion chamber cloak, fast stove warming to the operating temperature is reached, thus high temperatures important for perfect combustion may be easily reached in the fireplace.

Another essential advantage of this technological solution is minimal water exchanger effect on burning quality (separated exchanger does not cool the combustion chamber). At the same time large warmth exchanging surface of the exchanger secures the high efficacy, while relatively small size of the stove preserved.

Fireplace stove Pyro Galaxy AQUA 16 kW advantages

  • Main heater with excellent automatic performance thermoregulation
  • High effective wood gasification
  • Double-chamber (double-flame) combustion system
  • Efficacy over 90 %
  • Air-wash system – glass self-cleaning
  • Burning without electronics or exhaust ventilator
  • Minimal exhaust pollutants volume
  • Modern design
  • Separated water exchanger (fireplace without tar)
  • Possibility of gravity plugging in without an accumulation tank
  • Large water volume in the exchanger (stable source)
  • Board water exchangers – easy cleaning
  • Cooling loop
  • Cauldron body isolation
  • Inner space made of high-temperature stainless steel (long lifespan)
  • Outer cauldron body made of fireproof material 5 mm strong
  • Large loading space (long burning time)
  • Possibility of external air supply for burning
  • Fast operating temperature reaching
  • Possibility of damper wood burning
  • High ratio of performance into water – 70 % at full or lower performance
  • 40 % lower wood consumption compared to equal performance of stoves with classical burning
  • 40 % less ashes compared to stoves with classical burning
  • Czech quality and first-class workshop processing

Fireplace stoves Pyro Galaxy AQUA 16 kW usage:

  • Living rooms – cottages, cabins, family houses, flats
  • Heating of restaurants, clubhouses, business premises and the like
  • Heating of workshops


Highly effective wood gasification

By heating up the stove, wood gas arises in the upper chamber. When the chimney upper chamber damper closed, arising wood gas starts flowing through the lower jet, where it is oxygenated by preheated secondary air and burned in high temperature over 1000°C in the lower secondary combustion chamber.

A unique quality is no need of exhaust ventilator for burning process.

Just a good chimney draught (12 Pa) suffices for stove combustion.

Gasification (Pyrolysis)

The essence of gasification lies in the thermal decomposition of organic and inorganic matters in the enclosed stove chamber, supported by primary air supply.

First the volatile fuel components get dried. In next step, the loosened gasses mix with the preheated secondary air in the jet space and together create a burning gas mixture – the exhausts are then burned and piped away through the exchanger into the chimney.

High effectivity

Not just the technology of perfect bicameral combustion of gases contributes to the high stove effectiveness over 90 %, but also the solution of the stove construction – the exhausts are piped away through two lower channels and then over whole inner coat of the stove warm-water exchanger. Thus the maximal use of the warmth exchanging surface of the exchanger is reached, as well as excellent warmth transfer from burning to the exchanger (up to 75 %). The stove gives the rest of the energy into its surroundings through the glass door in form of pleasant glowing warmth. The evidence of the process effectivity is given by the difference in burned gasses temperature (about 1000°C) in the chamber and the temperature of exhausts (160°C by nominal performance) that are piped away through the chimney.

Cauldron body isolation

The warm-water exchanger and the stove are additionally completely isolated by high-temperature isolation, which supports the fast water warming in the exchanger. At the same time it lowers the energy glowed to the stove surroungings.

Great performance share for the heating system (min. 70 %) by full or lowered performance.

Thanks to the voluminous exchanger, the stove is also suitable for new low-energy standard buildings. Maximal performance is transferred to the heating system, thus the stove does not overheat the room where it is placed. This advantage guarantees the perfect but also uniform heating of whole object.

Thermostatic performance control

Thanks to the temperature setting on the thermostatic burning air regulation scale, the primary and secondary air supply is controlled – according to the set value required. Thus the demanded thermal performance, long burning time and very low emissions level are secured.

Modern design

Optimal stove dimension, elegant and aesthetically balanced looks with possibility of choosing stone or ceramic cladding enable tasteful placing into all types of interior.

This all is underscored by the amazing look at the flame play in two combustion chambers.

Glass cleaning system

Using the preheated air and the very clean burning, the stove glass remains clean, especially in the lower combustion chamber, where the high temperatures are reached.

Czech quality and first-class workshop processing

Using the quality fireproof materials is a matter of course; on top of that, the stove parts, that face extreme conditions and very high temperatures, are made of stainless steel materials which are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.

The product utility value, quality and precise workshop processing are our strict priorities.

The reward for our conscientious work is our customers’ contentment. We are grateful for it and willing to continue in this trend in the future.

Warm water exchanger: Ano
Total nominal heating performance: 16 kW
Nominal performance from the stove surface: 4.5 kW
Nominal performance in the heating system: 11.5 kW
Efficiency (by nominal performance): >90 %
Fuel consumption (by nominal performance): 3,9 kg/h
Full fuel load burning time (by nominal performance; dependent on fuel used): spruce: 3 h, beech: 5 h
Stoking space depth (Max. logs length): 445 mm
Stoking space capacity: 54 l
Ash pan capacity: 6.9 l
Exhausts temperature into the chimney (by nominal performance): 172 °C
Total weight: 307 kg
Width: 650 mm
Depth: 618 mm
Height (without flue cover): 1200 mm
Exchanger water volume: 42 l
Maximal operational overpreassure: 200 kPa
Connecting mouthpiece (inner thread): G 1"
Minimal chimney draught required: 12 Pa
Towing throat: on top
Towing throat diameter: 160 mm
Exhausts mass flow: 10.4 g/s
Maximal heat loss in the heated space: 20 kW
Minimal attached heat system performance: 13 kW
Cooling knot in the exchanger: Ano
Fuel required: logs, wooden briquettes, wooden splinters (up to 20 % wetness)




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