LDS - Automatic triac-regulation

€267,79 ( €221,31 )



This device is meant to regulate the fan revolution fluently, according to heating up of the warm-air stove exchanger.

Regulation consists of a thermal sensor, which is to be simply inserted into the prepared sleeve (on the warm-air stove exchanger) and locked with a screw. The fan is then hooked up in the regulation plug.

The regulation turns the fan on with slow revs, when the warm-air stove exchanger is heated up to 43°C, and gradually and fluently adds the fan revs while the exchanger temperature increases until full running. When finishing the heating, the fan slowly reduces its revs, and when cooled below 40°C the fan turns off. If the exchanger heats up again (due to glowing ashes heat accumulation), the fan turns on again for a while – that goes on until complete cooling down (dying out) of the stove.


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