Fireplace wood stove SAHARA 8 kW with air outlets - Standard (sheet metal)

€3 527,15 ( €2 915,00 )


In 42 days

Warm-air fireplace stove with outlets for heating of other rooms.


  • Ne
  • Labrador Blue Pearl
  • Sesame black
  • Sunset Gold
  • Black TD
  • Olive Green
  • Orion Blue
  • Rosa Beta
  • Baltic Brown
  • Balmoral Red
  • Maple Red
  • Shivakashi
  • Multicolor Red
  • Labrador Emerald
  • Vahlovice

This type of wood stoves is designed for residential places, workshops and similar spaces. Thanks to built-in heat exchanger and stove fan it has high efficiency and also the nextdoor rooms can be heated by heat distributors. High efficiency.

Technically, this stove is very similar to the fireplace-stove Tropic. Sahara is evidently more aesthetical though - the stove design is more processed.

An accessory of the stove is a unit which serves as a fan revolution regulator. The unit may be set on manual or automatic mode.

· Elegant design

· Built-in heat exchanger and stove fan (stove fan to buy additionally)

· Stable and reliable system of double-chamber combustion

· Airwash system- glass selfcleaning

· Supplementary air to kindle fire easier

· Stainless steel gasification tubes

· Made from refractory material

· Massive construction made from 5 mm thick material

· Long burning time

· One-lever control system for primary or secondary air supply

· Possibility to supply external air for combustion

· Fireclay furnace (long service life)

· Quiet stove fan is a part of the wood stove

· Possibility to distribute air into another rooms from backside of the wood stove

· Possibility to stoke wood logs up to 45 cm long

· Low wood consumption

· Automatic regulation of stove fan efficiency

· Large warmth-exchange surface - secured by bigger stone boards (with the Exclusive variety)

Nominal performance: 8 kW
Performance: 3 až 8 kW
Heated space: 80 až 250 m3
Fuel consumption: 2 kg/h
Efficiency: 86 %
Flue diameter: 150 mm
Chimney draught: 12 Pa
Warmed air flow rate: 100 až 300 m3/h
Stable outlet temperature: 50 až 110 °C
Emissions by O2 = 13 %: 0 %
Ventilator power input: 10 až 60 W
Stove height: 1035 mm
Stove width: 620 mm
Stove depth: 560 mm
Weight: 185 kg
Air distribution outlets:
Width/Depth (=max. log length)/height of fireplace: mm
Type of cladding:
Fireplace volume: 42 l


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